to an unknown god

by Rick Tarquinio

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to an unknown god is a recording I've been thinking about for some time now. The sanza used on the piece was made from a sardine can by Andrew Masters of France. Aluminum buzzers on the tines add a light sizzle to the wonderful timbre of the instrument. It's tuned the same as a Native American flute and I often play long, free-flowing lines on it when I carry it into the woods with me. It's as close to prayer as I seem to get.

For this recording I improvised for about 10 minutes in this style, then selected the phrases I most liked. There were 9 of them ranging from 25 to 40 seconds long. I haphazardly arranged these phrases to play two at a time and selected unrelated delays for each one. I nudged a few things around to smooth out transitions and rearranged the ending but for the most part the piece stayed pretty much how it first went together. Each phrase plays 9 times, but the pairs change or never line up the same, so the music - while made from repeating parts - is always evolving and new.

This music is mostly about "feeling." I have been thinking a lot about what I want my music to be and do as I enter a new phase of my life. It's no longer about self-expression or being a great musician, it is about conveying things I feel and know intuitively about the world in which we live. It is about relinquishing control and allowing life and music to happen. It is about Trust. I hope that when hearing this accidental music and the spontaneous beauty that can occur at any moment, the listener will relax into a mode of "being" rather than "doing." It is an invitation to a new and simpler way of hearing and relating; a chance to put aside ideas and expectations and to be with what is.

Rick Tarquinio 3/20/2011


released March 20, 2011



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Rick Tarquinio New Jersey

My music is created very simply using improvisation, chance procedures or accidental means. I also do a lot of field recording and sound experiments using natural forces to create sound. I used to be a singer/songwriter in a past life, but every caterpillar has its day...

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